My morning rant and message to all the morning, evening and night ranters out there.

CMDR Exlore posted some nice picture about Thargoid cave a few hours ago, and he got the usual bitching about how bad this game is.
I see alot of people complaining again about a breaking game, that this Thargoid cave is just a nice light show, not link to any quest, forgot by FDEV, leading nowhere, that it's too complicated to get there, the game is an ocean wide and one inch deep, etc…

I have seen those post for years now, and I'm getting so tired of it.

To all the ranters, you are right, everything is broken, the quest lead nowhere and guess what?

The same goes for the Pyramid in Egypt, Maccu Pichu in Perru, all the Aztech, Mayan, Roman and whatever ruins out there, all the old castles, church, monuments, buildings, Stonehedge, art pieces, etc, disseminated all over our planet, leading to nothing, so boring, our planet is full of broken quest leading to nowhere and they are so far away from each other, too many hops to go see them, and it cost money to go see them.

So I suppose they don't interest anybody.

Should we just erase them from our planet and build Disney World theme park all over them so that little adrenaline junky can have their fixes?

Edit: I do not agree with basic bugs in the game, like performance issues, graphic glitches, or broken things that are supposed to work but do not. My comment was more about the quest and the story line in general.

Edit #2: For a more contextual understanding please refer to the post (and comments) from CMDR Explore made yesterday. (I know more grind/read, the horror, the horror)


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