My personal view on the TI10 game fixing discussion

Windranger DOTA 2 Hero phantom lancer

I’m chinese and NGA user. I’m aware of all this bullsh*t discussion. Yes, some people cannot accept LGD’s loss. But with the discussion continues, it’s a bit different now. Some are angry with LGD and want them explain what happened, otherwise it would be hard to say all those stupid behavior in grand finals are caused by stress (still possible). Some are just trolling around with stories like Yatoro’s Dad. You can see a lot of accounts commenting on NGA with only 1 or 2 post history. Not sure if they are paid or whatever.

To be honest I don’t know if the game fixing is true or not. People made this assumption based on Xiao8’s history and LGD’s relationship with gambling companies. Not to mention the Newbee incident. I won’t pick any side until there is any actual evidence. Either LGD did the game fixing or not, Team Spirit is well deserved for the first place. The problem remains within LGD and Chinese dota community.


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