Trying to complete LT-15 (T-55A) is actually giving me brainrot

I'm not the biggest LT player I'll admit, though I've been watching A LOT of yt vids (Kajzoo, top man) and have been doing my absolute best to put the spots and setups, tips etc. to good use.

7k spotting damage, I've done it a fair few times before, I did it once not even a few days before I started it in my 13 105… how hard can it be?

My god. I've never realised just HOW team dependent playing a light tank is… the pain and agony that courses through my veins as I watch the 3 Skorpion Gs in my back line miss the flat side of static enemy tank at 400 meters… or having to literally beg and plead with my team to shoot at the enemy lights so I can actually help them and make a difference… and then watch them proceed to miss every single shot on a Bulldog that's barely manuevering…

Maybe 100, closing on 200 games so far, through LT-8 to LT-15, and I have seen Prokhorovka and Malinovka exactly once each.

Then, to top it all off, watch my recent stats absolutely crumble as I continue to tug each individual body hair from my skin every time a teammate misses a shot on a stationary target. I'm almost baby smooth.




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