My problems with the game. ( I LOVE TARKOV MORE THAN ANYTHING)

First I need to say I love tarkov. I will not stop playing this game until either something better comes along or the community falls apart. I've been playing Tarkov since the beginning Ive seen highs and lows. I have Killas real life attire for god sakes. I have USEC stickers on my truck, and BEAR patches on my tac rig. I bought a SKS in honor of Tarkov!!! To say im a fan is actually a understatement. Tarkov is life.

Yes I'm knew to Reddit, and only started this account to rant, I've been a lurker long enough. I do love you all tho.

Cheating… It's beyond bad atm… Just look up alt sites besides YouTube and you can see plenty of people hacking in the current patch. They physically wiggle at each other through walls almost like its a badge of honor. I'm not even talking about the RMT guys. Trust me when I tell you I've spoken with true RMT guys, and the vast majority dupe items. Yes duping is still around. They mainly do it with very expensive ammo. A professional RMT (if you wanna call them that) guy doesn't go around the map killing people. There ESP show all items in on the map and they just run to those locations and exit without killing one player. The cheaters that kill you are everyday script kiddies that purchased non-detectable hacks for 20$ a day. Its extremely rampant at the moment. If you look up google searches to these designated sites some of those sites are clearly seeing margins of 200% increase in sales since the wipe. BSG doesn't want you to know this because when the community is infested people will stop playing. Well I'm here to tell you, the game is broken with cheaters. The RMT sites have never been stronger, you can hire a cheater to play with you for an hour, AND THEY ARE BOOKED UNTIL NEXT MONTH!!!!!!! Please don't respond with (Oh I have never seen a hacker) You're either completely naive on the subject or the funny thing is you're just bad at the game that wouldn't know the difference kind of ironic to the get gud folk.

Tasks are stupid, tedious, and not group friendly. For a game that from nikitas stand point is not to be played solo it sure does a good job at alienating those that want to do quests… Here's an example you get into wipe a little late, you go into discord hey guys I need to kill scavs on customs… You go to customs everyone kills the scavs you needed to kill or allows you to wait to kill the scavs and they fucking die waiting for you to kill the scav… Most of these quests are not group friendly, a lot them have you go off the beaten path and the chad in your group is irritated they have to follow you around because they wanna run into resort as soon as possible. Sure some people will say they will help with the quests, but everyone is greedy and is going into the game for there own agenda. We need more quests that promote group content such as weekly's that can only be completed in groups. Make quests re-playable give reasons I should help my level 5 brother in arms other than treat him like cannon fodder. There should be payouts at the end of the raid when you helped someone complete a part of a task. I don't know how they would do this, but I know 100% it can be done. Shared Weekly's would be excellent. For example as a squad defeat (said boss) on (said map). Daily's would be as squad kill 20 scavs. I think this would be awesome!!!!!

The Flea Market is actually aids. It needs a complete overhaul. Maybe that's a little exaggerated but It clearly needs work. First issue is the OUT OF STOCK constantly. This is a very VERY easy fix, and all one needs to do is look at what World of Warcraft did in 8.3 AH. You don't see individual sellers anymore simply you click sell and the item is put on the AH for a copper cheaper than the previous seller. Sure you can manually set your item for more expensive, but you'll be pushed far behind the rest. PLEASE WATCH THIS to understand I'm saying. Basically you look item up, you click how much of said item you want and purchase and it automatically purchases the cheapest.

Part two of flea market. I think we need to introduce real money into the game. This is a very contested idea, but I think we have too. If we don't we will continue to see RMT sites. I COMPLETELY UNDERSTAND THIS WILL NOT ELIMINATE RMT SITES. I however truly believe this will curve a lot of those sites as people paying for stuff off the game will mostly transition to paying in game. I understand injecting real life revenue will jeopardize the status of the economy forever, but its already fucked atm, and we need to try before the game is officially released.

The servers are garbage… Nuff said..

Thats my rant, Again I felt I needed to say my peace. I'm just a dime a dozen, but now I'll try to get gooder at this game.


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