Need some bit coin wisdom ;o

So the past few days I've been working on getting a bit coin farm…. I am currently upgrading my Intel to lvl 2 then I can build the bit coin farm. I have around 3.6 mil and idk how much itbisbgoing to cost to build the bit coin farm in its self maybe a mil? Idk im just guessing… how much will I need to invest before ei start making any kind of real money? I'm guessing I'll have 2.6 mil after its built and I'll buy 2 or 3 Gpu's along with whatever else I need to run it… my stash is probably worth 8 or 9 mil but none of the valuable stuff is is found I raid… so with this information I have u, I gor a few questions… how much do you think I will need to invest until I can start making enough money to buy more gpu's for the farm, are there multiple lvls to the farm like everything else? Would it be worth it to spend a couple days to make 10 mil or somthin before I start investing into the farm? Any advice or other info will be GREATLY appreciated… thank you ✌ (going to sleep now so I may not be around to answere any other questions you might have right away)


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