New Patch! New Support! FACELESS VOID!

Windranger DOTA 2 Hero Warriors Ice

So I was playing in herald 2 as mid troll (just thought I’d try it out for the second time) and was stomping. Turns out you can just run at people mid if they are not doing magic damage!

My safe lane was Drow. Been seeing that a lot cause of the Manta buff and she was doing decent as well.

But the real innovator was hard support. This guy goes faceless void hard support! I couldn’t believe it! Such a great mind! If you think he was done innovating then you are stupid and wrong! The gentleman built mask of madness, battlefury (cause he needed farm) and then an MKB. He supported so well! Everytime those pesky ancients showed up to make our triangle look untidy, he’d promptly go clear them up. Whew. What a relief. Leaves me and drow time to roam the map and just smell the roses you know. Also great at getting rid of pesky waves. Drow and I got time to chill by the river, check out the crystals, play hide in seek in the trees. Great family fun for everyone!

Anyone cares to guess the result of the game? Like don’t restrict yourselves to win lose. Try to guess kill score. Net worth lead, towers standing, and other such metrics.

Love you all!


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