New Player Struggling with Some Quests

I am a new player to the game that started about a week ago. I was having a blast learning the game. I watched some videos and started doing offline runs on customs for a day then pistol run on the online mode for a day. Right now I am sitting at about a little above 50% survival rate and around 7kd. I don't know what the general population's stat looks like but I am just happy at least I can survive half of my raids now.

However, at first, I was just doing raids, playing with some small objective in mind like just surviving with a bit of loot. Now that I am trying to do some quest to get some exp and level up my traders' rep, I am really struggling with some of them. Quests like "delivery from the past" and the other one on Factory where you have to hold F for a duration which leaves you defenseless are definitely annoying, but after a few times at least I got them done by doing night time factory. The problem I am having now is with customs dorm quests. I did the therapist's water one pretty easily without much problem, but now I am doing the golden lighter one I just cannot seem to survive dorm. It's always full of people, people rushing for the marked room, scav boss, people coming for scav boss, people coming for pvp, people who are also doing quests, and player scav that spawned in later. I could try rushing it super early but that is so spawn-dependent, plus someone is always waiting outside dorm. I could wait and go in late but then there are pretty much always player scav. I tried night time raid but dorm always have PMCs in it, I mean literally ALWAYS. Also one time during night time raid, I sneaked in the golden zippo room, then I heard someone on my floor, I waited for almost 20 mins before I decided it's probably safe to leave, but no, the guy was patiently waiting for me. If I do hatched or pistol run, there are three sniper scav waiting to one shot me. I tried spending a ton of my money on getting a Gen4 Assault and a FAST MT helmet and face shield and my best modded weapon to fight my way finishing the quest, I killed three PMCs then died to a nade. I don't even mind fighting PMCs if I have to, as I have tens of thousands of hours in other FPS games, but I really can't tell where people are in dorms, audio cue always sounds like they are on the same floor as me. These dorm quests are really sucking the fun out the game for me, and looking at the wiki page there are so many more quests to be completed in dorm.
I know I can buy most stuff on the flea market but I also kinda want to upgrade my hideout so I need traders' rep. Is there any suggestion on how to do these dorm quests besides getting lucky?


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