New skill leveling progression since patch

They seem to have changed the way that skills level up. I am getting a sliding scale of diminishing returns, starts out with blue up arrow with bonus, then goes down to 0, then -2%, -7%, -12%, etc, in small increments the longer I run around overweight (testing strength). It seems to have capped out at -60%, but I have not fully tested.

The major change is that if you stop leveling a skill it doesn't reset your diminishing returns after 5 minutes anymore, the scale just starts to slowly go up. I hid in a bush and the diminishing returns slowly crept back up to around 0,

the other big one is that diminishing returns now persist through raids. I ran all the way across shoreline and extracted at -60%, then loaded back into a new raid and started at -60%. I hid in a bush and was watching it to see how fast it would lower, but then got shot in the head. I will do some more testing and update the post if needed.


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