Niche Question: DBS or DBX for a “For Giggle” stealth build?

Trying to decide between running a DBS or DBX.

Not going to be seeing combat in this. This is just a for fun build where I try to role-play as a covert operative. Drop down to planets, hack into bases, or run covert goods. Idea is just to constantly (or nearly) running below sensor temp.

Just wondering which would be better for the role.

The way I see it.

-Better jump range
More internal (which I won't use 😐 )
Coriolis seems to suggest it runs slightly cooler.

-Smaller (better for the head cannon of being basically a covert shuttle).
Cheaper. I'm only planning on using this out in Colonia (where I currently am) and will not be bringing it back to the bubble where I already have a knockabout DBX parked.

What's the thoughts from the community? Also, what can I do to reduce heat draw other than use an A ranked Powerplant?


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