So I played almost the entirety of last wipe (1st wipe) insuring my gear from head to toe almost every raid. I did get plenty of things back in insurance returns and even though I did get my stuff back I was always losing it sooner or later because I wouldn't insure. I've come to acknowledge that Tarkov giveth and taketh away when it wants, getting fucked one raid doesn't mean someone else isn't experiencing the same thing. Someone's misfortune is another's fortune, it's a constant back and forth of gear and weapons. So this entire wipe Ive ceased to insure just about everything I go into raids with because I go in expecting to lose my loadout, occasionally I insure a gun I think is cool and maybe I'll get it back. But I've come to enjoy tarkov more by worrying less about the gear I bring in by not insuring it anymore, maybe that's odd to others who are high rollers. But I wanted other people's input ok this, do y'all insure everything? Something? Nothing?


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