Nigma vs Liquid. Why Flicker didn’t matter.

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Miracle uses Flicker to escape succesfully a total of two times on time in the teamfight:

The first one comes at 43:46 where he is succesfully able to escape after MK misses a stun. In a scenario where TA just blinks in to their general direction (Timbersaw) they still would not have been able to kill or even disable TA as Liquid's team abilities and items are all in cooldown (Malefice, Timber's Scythe, Razor no euls no bkb and static link just broke for 220 dmg, and most importantly, MK is dead).

The second one comes at 43:55. This one is self explanatory as even if TA died (kinda hard the only abilities and items that they have is KOTL's forcestaff and glimmer and he was still TP'ing to the outpost when TA flickered) Miracle still had buyback (from the start of the fight) and could TP to the trap that was right where MK died.

edit: TA used blink in the first one so ayy lmao.


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