Niki says: Therapist now offers insurance with a 6 day return policy

Can we get a week-long insurance please?

trainfender Battlestate Games COO – Nikita · 1 hour ago

made 6 days for therapist. but it needs to be tested by you people

Good news for the weekly warriors!

Just boosting the signal as it's deep in the original thread and is easily overlooked.

Edit 3:

return time is still 12-24 hours (= time till you receive a msg from therapist). then is 144 hours (6 days) till you have to claim it before it vanishes.

so no its not guranted full 7 days but close to it.


Edit 2: Yes, yes I am. 6 days to the first return, 3 days from there to claim it. Sorry Niki! Thanks, u/effecerit

Edit: I think 8 days would have better served the need than 6. If I can only play on Saturday, then my insurance expires on Friday under the new system. Not a fix. Am I missing something?


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