Nilfgaard hits me with another interactive mechanic that I so thoroughly enjoy :D

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I am a simple man, I like playing my cards and I like it when other people play cool and wacky cards. In Nilfgaard however many people do not share my sentiment, in Nilfgaard, they hate cards and are also thieving rats. This is facts.

"Why are you so upset-y with Nilfgaard, it just a faction like any other" WRONG, it is a faction for "bad" people who hatesss the other NOBLE factions. Dumbgaard has two decktypes, Thieving and stealing. Both are morally wrong. If we would compare it to , I dunno, Northern Realms (So cool!), we would see that NR are superior in many ways.

NR is like a caring person who has a beautiful plant, they planted it and are actively looking after it, they water it day and night, shower it with affection and praise. Slowly the plant grows and blossom into a beautiful flower with all the colors of the rainbow!

NG is the person that is huddled in the corner mumbling rude things under his breath and is really jealous of NR and his beautiful plant, so what does NG do? plant his own flower and wait for it to grow like any other normal person would do? NO! He walks over to NR and spits in its face and proceeds to steal his flower or in some cases just stomp on it multiple times.

I am a simple man, I bear no grudges and I am neutral, so when I say that this is the way it is. It simply is the way it is. I look forward to the days when Nilfgaard can once again become a respected faction.

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I just wanna say that I am not complaining, I am simply engaging in a civil discussion with my fellow man.


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