Ninjas in FrostNight

What is the point of Ninjas in FrostNight? It seems that is the majority of players when I am trying to join a group. The best setup is 3 constructors and 1 Outlander to grab mats or maybe 2 constructers and 2 Outlanders or 2 Constructors, 1 Soldier and 1 Outlander. I can see no purpose for Ninjas in this particular game mode and I wish more people would point that out.
And why is it so hard to explain that you need to fill the blueglow burner until the repair and firing sequence then let it drop to below 25% so that you get a blueglow drop.
I wish I could find a group of people who want to do it right and complete the mission rather than fucking around for 45 minutes. I have only had one completion this year and it was because one constructor was on mic informing everyone else what to get and when to come back.
I guess I need better friends.
FrostNight is my favorite game mode in STW but finding players after the first week is so difficult.


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