Not necessarily a bug, but an issue with Elite Dangerous Horizons and my hardware. Conversation only no help needed

TLDR here (because who wants to scroll to the bottom): Extreme frame time drops causing visual and input lag spikes using hardware that should be adequate for even ultra settings fixed by playing on Linux instead of Windows 10.

Alright now for the long text. I somewhat recently went from using my more powerful stream rig for my regular play to my more budget build so my wife could have her stream setup back.

Current build is an i7-6700, GTX 970, 32Gb 1866mhz,
256Gb m.2 SSD Win 10, 128Gb SATA SSD Ubuntu and 1Tb 7200RPM HDD

Stream Rig: i7-3930k OC to 4.4Ghz, RX 5700XT, 64Gb DDR3 1600mhz, 500 Gb SATA SSD Win 10, 2Tb 7200 RPM HDD.

For years now my budget setup has had an issue that will downloading files, generally only Steam and Windows update I would get strange lag spikes recurring every 4ish seconds though these spikes also effected device inputs ie: missed keystrokes while typing. Simple enough I'd pause the download and just restart it once I finished playing or using my PC. I'm pretty sure it is a symptom of having bad power years ago in with the breaker getting shit off to my room along with an incident where I had a surge protector short out due to water seepage that fried a TV and the HDMI port on my GPU connected to said TV.

I went from playing Elite on the stream rig to my current setup and got so nauseous from the spikes that I had to stop playing.

I finally got Elite to work on Ubuntu after lots of tinkering among other strange issues as a kind of eh why not moment just to see. And just like that, no issues, game runs fine, no FPS dips.

I checked and the issue still persists on my Windows OS but still only for ED and none of my other games.
This isn't really an issue I'm looking for help with as I've been wanting to swap to Ubuntu for a minute and didn't just because I couldn't get ED to work on it, but if anyone has any thoughts to what may have been the issue all this time I'd like to see your thoughts.


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