Now that we got some good QOL changes, I would like to suggest a rework for PWO

Hello commanders,

Grinding PWO can be a pain with random people, 9/10 you find people that are doing absolutely nothing, some are farming whole time and not even helping at all, sadly there are people begging for materials and weapons because the are to lazy to get/grind it themselves, in high twine there still people trying to jail even though with this nerf which will lead the to fail and as last there are people boxing you in to trade (which is not part of this game!). It's hard to find good people in PWO, most of the time you end up leaving the match because of that bad begging/trading behaviour and make this grind to take even longer.

A rework that might work is first let us choose a mission OR at least if you join a lobby let us see what mission it is so you don't load in as a constructor in a resupply mission for example.

Next would be that you can choose with how many people you like to be, it can be either duos, trios or squad so at least you can grind with friends in peace instead of wasting our time with people who are chasing you around the map to make us forced to trade that lead us to force leave the mission.

This would make PWO at least less annoying so people, mostly endgame players, can just grind the PWO mission without getting bothered by traders and beggers whole time.

Note: I'm also wondering why playing with your friends isn't counting PWO, you're literally with another person.

TL;DR: If Epic expects us to play this game with others, then those "others" have to be "actual others"

What are your opinions on this?

Thank you for reading, commanders.


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