Odyssey Cargo Mission Improvement Suggestions/Feedback

One of the things I miss from another space sim game is being a delivery man, carrying a box to a destination in my ship getting out and physically taking it into the settlement for delivery. I would love to see a mission which allows for a similar thing. So I propose this mission format which I believe would require only tweaking some existing mechanics:

-Accept cargo mission from Space station, cargo goes into ship cargo racks
-Take cargo to settlement, ferry it into a specific place in the station, maybe a container in the HAB, or in the STO buildings. Could ferry this cargo via SRV, via backpack, whatever.

This differs from the existing go there bring this thing back mission types because it allows for chaining these things together. Delivery missions already exist for ships, why not on foot?

Thoughts? Improvements? Critiques?

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EliteDangerous/comments/mpqdcq/odyssey_cargo_mission_improvement/

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