Crypto is exposing apex games. (Theory)

this is strictly lore not about map changes and such
I watched the "Forever family" trailer and have concluded that crypto is basically showing exposing the people who run the apex games. In the last scenes crypto is looking at his wanted posters, and this is very telling to the whole stroy. Him lookimg at the posters is showing what they have made him out to be. They've made him out to be a criminal and took away from him what he once had and was. Now in the next few limes he says its time to take back his remdemtion. Meaning he wants to take back who he is. And how would he do that? Hes goinh to show the viewers of apex games and the world he ismt what the syndicate claims he is and that they are the bad ones. This tneory is even further solitified by the fact that in the description of "Forever family" it says crypto has plenty of secrets to keep and more to uncover". Could those secrets hes undercovering be ones that bring down the syndicate?


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