[Odyssey]PoIs as they’re currently implemented make no sense

The concept of PoIs that you can map and then explore on foot is an interesting one and has potential, but from my experience the way it's currently implemented makes absolutely no sense.

I was on an exploration trip and noticed that pretty much every landable planet had a bunch of PoIs such as distress signals and wreckage sites. It's a bit ridiculous that you're LYs away from civilized space and every single planet has multiple signs of human presence. It's even more ridiculous when you're visiting a previously unexplored planet and it contains multiple wreckage sites/distress signals.

As a concept they're not bad, however PoIs should be something rare and increasingly rare the further you go for the bubble. An interesting idea would be to have those rare PoIs interact with the Search and Rescue Agent with rewards increasing in value with distance from the station. That way not only they would make more sense (by being rare), they would also feel rewarding to find and would add additional gameplay loops and revenue options to exploration.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EliteDangerous/comments/p148d6/odysseypois_as_theyre_currently_implemented_make/

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