On the topic of hatchet running

I’m relatively new to the game been playing for about a month or so now and I sure do hear a lot about hatchet running. Everyone I talk to about the game despises them so as a new player I tried my best to never hatchet run and always ran with at least a pistol. Besides I always thought it was kind of fun to start with next to nothing in a raid and build your gear up through kills.But with the new off raid healing I simply didnt see a point in pistol running early game since I would have to also invest in healing after every failed raid so I stopped doing it. (This is not a critique on the new healing mechanics) Now nearly a week into wipe I haven’t pistol run since I have guns now but I ran into a pmc pistol running and a thought occurred to me.Hatchet runs are frowned upon, at least in my experience, because it’s no risk high reward. But I haven’t seen any of the same vitrol towards pistol runs and was curious if they somehow fixed hatchet running would the player hate shift to pistol running? Where exactly is the line drawn I’m curious what the thoughts are on this.
I personally have no issues with either but I definitely think I’m in the minority for this one.

TLDR: Hatchet running bad but pistol running also bad?

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