One sided talents

Dota2 Mods


-20s Eclipse cooldown is pretty good with latest cooldown scale buff (140 to 140/130/120), especially if you are going aghs build, but -3.5s Lucent Beam cooldown is so good that you cant pick the first one (core, support, spell build alike). I think they should have nerfed the beam cooldown talent by 1 or 1.5s instead of nerfing the shard.


A talent that buffs your nuke spell that has 6 (2.5) seconds cooldown and increases your ulti damage output by 33% vs a talent that literally gives you nothing, just provides your allies by +35 damage globally instead of 1200 units (not like you are gonna be with your team by level 20 mark right?). It maybe makes sense if you have NP or Arc on your team but still i dont think it would be worth it regardless of the situation and position you are playing.

Idk, maybe swapping their places or changing them to something more unique (like Eclipse grants x% movement speed, +x Lunar Blessing aura attack range etc.) would remove these one sideness?


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