Only Two Dawnbreaker Games??

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Pretty sure Dawn is a broken mid laner. She doesn’t actually lose any lanes solely because of her W. With runes she clears the small camp every minute and gets a fast 6.

Then her ultimate wins both side lanes. The threat of it makes it impossible to play. The enemy can’t dive you and you can dive them.

Her tempo is super fast, you go phase echo and play like a more obnoxious monkey king. For those unaware: use phase and W to gap close, double tap with echo, then they’re double slowed for you to land Q.

Next you need a bit of extra damage so grab a Crystalys, then either bkb or blink shard (or both). Once you finish Daedalus and you have blink shard you can melt supports without expending bkb unless you need it.

“Sure, any hero is good if you buy all the items!” Except Dawn has a global ult so she can split farm and participate like Spectre, has burst damage, and two abilities that clear camps full to zero. This pick gives you map control and she’s a split flash farmer, so yes, you have the gold to hit your timings.

Not to mention that starbreaker damage and stun pierce bkb, so you just shred bkb timing dependent heroes.

This hero is basically screaming “TOPSON PLAY ME,” and somehow only VP has played it as pos4?

Pick this hero! She’s first pick mid material! She goes even or wins every lane, auto wins the side lanes, and counters bkb! How is nobody picking her???

Edit: As I was writing this VP played dawn carry 2x! But it's a little strange that he chooses radiance over battlefury considering that her Q swings proc cleave, and they have storm aghs / dark seer vacuum. Ideal hero is actually Magnus for cleave + RP + Dawn Q combo. Also bf solves regen problems, get ring in lane, is cheaper, lets you farm ancients stacks, it's actually much better. Maybe they don't know the Q procs cleave!


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