Opinion: Artificial difficulty updates hurt Valheim.

I love Valheim, and I'm well over 100 hours on my first world. That said, I've noticed a pattern of updates that make me worry about the future of this game.

For example, they doubled some bosses HP since they were clunky and easy to kill. They're still clunky, but now take longer to kill. The lack of artificial difficulty is what makes this game excel, but it seems to get added every update.

The most recent update introduces unexplainable damage to fire pits so that players cannot create monster farms with them. This is probably the biggest example of an unwanted update, as the developer is outright punishing player creativity which is the basis of the entire game. Valheim can be played in many different ways, and it would be a shame if the devs tried to hamper that.

The delay on some tools was added, and while it doesn't hamper creativity, it adds another small layer of needless artificial difficulty that nobody asked for.

I have full faith in the devs, and Valheim is an incredible game that I plan on sinking much more time into. This is just my opinion, and you are not wrong if you disagree. I just hope that the devs will listen to the community and not hamper the incredible creative potential of the game.

TLDR: Don't try to make the game more difficult by nerfing mechanics. Listen to the community and embrace player creativity.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/valheim/comments/mcbi5x/opinion_artificial_difficulty_updates_hurt_valheim/

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