Opinions on which ship to take for a Long Exploration

The primary thing that I do in ED is exploration, and this is usually done in my DBX for the obvious reason of getting somewhere in a comparably timely manner. It's also my favorite ship to fly. These are always, have always been, solo adventures.

Now however, myself and two buddies are planning a long expedition and plan on doing more than I usually do. For starters, I don't usually ever leave my dbx. No planet scouring, no SRVs, no mining for repairs or whatever. This time we are planning on doing whatever catches our fancy, and plan on having limpets to repair both our ships and the modules within.

One friend is bringing his Anaconda, because he gets a lot more time to play than us other two, so he will have literally everything he needs along with a 60ish LY jump range. My other friend is apparently just bringing an Adder (though I only say 'just' because I know the optional compartments are a bit lacking in this ship. Lastly I am bringing my Orca, which I know is probably not a popular choice. I enjoy flying her and it's the only ship I have with enough compartments that can also reach a worthwhile jump range (~41LY).

I wanted to ask you all in case I am missing something relatively cheap that would be your preference of replacement. I can't afford an Anaconda for the record, not at all.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EliteDangerous/comments/m0idy0/opinions_on_which_ship_to_take_for_a_long/

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