‘Out of Stock’

– Cant use my MPX as AP6.3 and 7N1 is 'out of stock'

– Cant use my M4's or HK's as 55A1 and M995 are 'out of stock'

– Cant trade the 3 tetriz ive found today as bit coins are 'out of stock'

– Going to use my budget build with an UMP, cant as .45 are 'out of stock'

– Use a P90 or FN pistol….. cant as bullets are 'out of stock'

– Barter for some intel folders. 'out of stock'

This has turned a bit into a rant post. However this 'out of stock' feature is just another feature put into the game simply to make it slightly harder and force you to play at certain times to 'keep up'. This game constantly expects the most of the players to keep up with the curve and will do anything, even BAR you from vastly needed items unless you constantly play to be online for when traders refresh.

Why is there a global pool for these barter items, why just not keep it to the limited amount purchasable to each player? I literally cant use many of my guns for the next hour and a half as i refuse to pay 3x the amount to buy the items from flea (as anyone would). Yet players with lives, like my self have to go work shortly and wont be online for when the traders reset, to which i can almost guarantee when im next online, the items will be 'out of stock' again and i just have to hope im online near the time traders reset. Im really intrigued to anyone's opinions on why this system is good. It doesnt prevent people spam buying the bullets, as its already limited per player neither does it add any difficulty to the core game other than forcing the player to micro manage looting more bullets.

EDIT: There is a lot of people saying 'dont be cheap, just buy bullets on flea for more money / just use cheaper worse ammo'. This is missing my point completely. Its hard enough keeping up with the META and now you can be almost locked out of it

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/m7xyjz/out_of_stock/

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