People need to stop getting mad that BSG makes progression changes mid wipe.

These posts and complaints are generally about hideout changes. Since 12.10 it’s been the water filter level 3 requirements and the solar array requirements. Earlier in the wipe it was the generator needing a tank battery, among a few others. There were tonnes of comments saying how Nikita is a big stupid developer who’s ruining the experience for new players and making changes that make no sense. Which I understand, and to an extent felt also.

But what we’ve all gotta realise is that we’re all little shitty guinea pigs.

He and the BSG team have said countless times that they want to slow down progression. Making these changes feels unfair, but it gives them an opportunity to collect data on the state of progression after these adjustments are made. We are all play testing a game that’s basically still in alpha, it’s not even really a beta yet. So take all these random ass changes with a grain of salt, and know they’re making them so that together we can make the game as good as possible when it finally launches.

The real problem here is that we’re all just in love with a game midway through development.


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