People who have read the books: what scenes would you want to see as scenario/location cards?

witcher gwent cards

Here are mine. I think if someone managed to come up with similar bizarre scenes for NR, SK and SY this would make a funny set of cards. I haven't reread the books in a while but I'm pretty sure I could find some. If anyone has better ideas comment them!

  • Nilfgaard: The Pancake Technique (the scene where Rience is made into a pancake to reveal him as a spy).
  • Scoia'tael: The Anthill (the scene where Isengrim covers someone in syrup and puts his head into an anthill).
  • Monsters: Gorgon Cave (the scene where Geralt has to enter a cave unarmed, promises not to harm anything, then something takes a shit on his boot and he instinctively kicks it away).

But aside from that, what's everyones ideal scenario/location cards? I want Tor Lara and Tor Ziraeal. And Tarn Mira 🙂


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