Pirates hurt my feelings….

Just got my python and all geared out for laser mining some platinum.Been mining in Omicron Capricorni B with my Asp Explorer and never seen a pirate. Been scanned by green friendly ships and now and then the friendlies kill off a pirate, but I never been scanned by a pirate.

So, went to my mining spot and loved how well this big ship handles and such. After I was half full I noticed I was still 10Mm from center of the hot spot. So, rose above the ring and super cruised to the center. The sec I was back into the ring I had 3 pirates scan me and make the usual demand. Within 2sec my ship was down to 13% the space patrol was on them and lost most my cargo.

I did what any good ED pilot would do, I rage quit (also was tired and ready for bed) and threw a tantrum.

Got up today and soon as I log in, guess what?Yup, 3 pirates wanted cargo and in 2 sec had my ship down to 1% when a friendly patrol showed up and saved me.

Got back to the base with 1%. 200k for fix ship and sold 6mil of the metal.

My next ship will just be for attacking pirates.

2 morals of this story is:-The ore is not more plentiful on the other side.-Stay put, shut up and keep mining.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EliteDangerous/comments/ncfhf7/pirates_hurt_my_feelings/

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