Why i regret playing with randoms while using a character i don’t normally play with

So today I decided to use wattson for once cause I only used her about once, the game queues in and the other two teammates with mics start talking. I would have expected someone to clown me about only having one kill with wattson, but these two teammates were particularly shitty. The first thing they say when the stat tracker pops up is " oh man out teammate is so shit". I didn't think much of it but later down the line one of them says " if you die I'm not rezzing you". It gets to the final two squads, I'm low on health and shields with the wattson ultimate being my only way to heal, ping my teammates who have like 20 shield batteries and med kits with purple armor that I need heals, nope. I'm rezzing one of my teammates and he say " hurry up f*ggot". We win and I manage to only get one kill with nearly 500 damage and my teammates have over 1000 damage and about 10 kills each, they wasted no time in telling me I got carried by them.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/d4v1gn/why_i_regret_playing_with_randoms_while_using_a/

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