Playing agains bots and cheaters in dota2 #dota2 #game_against_cheaters #bots

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Hello guys its my firs post on reddit and I never beeng here, plus sorry for my bad englis.So I created new account beacouse I wanted start new account "new life" in dota2, start play on new heroes but every time I playing agains cheater and his bots… My frieds with big rating said that this guys using virtual box machine and playing against their bots for big winrate and kda and then they playing 10 games in rating and do like 7-8k mmr from this accounts. SO why nobuddy cares about it?? I just want to play dota 2 play agains ppl when I playing normal match… You will say: just report them and valve will ban them! NO!! thats I will say to you. Valve doesent care about it and about this accounts. I tryed report this ppl and nothig happened with this accounts I will say more to u, this accounts got their Titan rank and this ppl selling this accounts after all.Match Id 6262019590Player ID 1254703970Here you can see how this guy playing against his bots. Just check his camera moves e.c.t. and this guy will got his Titan rank becouse no one cares.Match ID 6261404078One more game where Im playing against bots because one on my ally used this sh*t I dont know who but I think if you will check pleyer cameras its will be easy to know


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