Playing public games with strangers without voice chat is the worst gaming experience you can ever get from a multiplayer game. CHANGE MY MIND

Exactly what the title says, here's a story:

I played a game and some blue guy (the imposter) was running behind me. I tricked him into thinking I was going into a room and suddenly changed direction. Then he closed the door and got caught in his own trap B). I was going to make an emergency meeting to say that but someone reported a body… yes, It was him, the impostor, he killed someone to make a meeting. He said:

Blue (impo): IT'S BLACK (me), I SAW HIM KILLING GREEN AND HE ALSO TRIED TO KILL ME (I'm exaggerating, he wrote all that in lowercase)

Everyone else: Ok -votes me-

Me: -tries to say "NO, IT'S BLUE, LISTEN TO ME"-

Everyone else: -already voted me-

They all voted me and it turned out that he was the impostor. OOOHHHHHH, SUCH A SURPRISE, RIGHT? MAX VOTING AND DISCUSSION TIME FOR NOTHING, DUDE.

This really annoyes me, knowing that playing in public is not an option when I want to play among us the way it was intended is just horrible.

Please, don't be like that, please provide evidence for all the accusations you make. Even if it ends up being that you were right, it's super annoying to be incriminated without proof or for the wrong reasons

Don't be stupid, don't be toxic, don't be that blue guy, don't be like that people

Edit: btw, I know this game is about lying but don't accept everything some random guy says


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