Playing ranked is just like a gamble.

Windranger DOTA 2 Hero phantom lancer

Smurfs, Boosters, bought Accounts, players who came from a break and are overranked because the 10 calibration matches can only let you drop X much… And probably quite a few other reasons.

I can't enjoy this game any more because it just feels random who wins. Sometimes I get my hopes back up because I have a good game. But a short time after that I have such an awful experience where I just want to report almost my entire team. And not just randomly or because I'm griefing but because they played insanely bad. Bad hero mechanics, wrong items, stupid moves, no map awareness. Just the whole program of fucking up.

There is never a point where I think. Yep, the matchmaking is nice and I will enjoy my time. Most of the time I just hope for decent picks and no total failures in my team.

The rank I mostly play at right now is Legend I, lost quite a few games because I wanted to play with low friends and didnt really care about mmr so much. But recently I tried to climb back up to Ancient solo and what I'm experiencing is just insane.

Just yesterday my 50/50 chance struck and a win happend. My 2 Cores clearly knew what to do and I actually had a team with skill and the goal to get objectives and not just randomly move on the map. But the game was a stomp. I had no real fun playing it. And at the end of the game, just as I expected, I learned that those 2 cores were smurfs.
The game after that my safelane gets fucked by solo Hoodwink, they flame each other instead of trying to outplay the smurf, Wk goes Jungle lvl 4 and Hood ends the game with 25 kills. Hood even jokes in allchat that it's his first time with the hero and his Dotaprofile is level 18…

I just don't get how such obvious smurfs can even exist… You don't even need to pay me, I would gladly use my sparetime to just detect a few of those and make the dotaworld better. But noone seems to give a fuck. "Well… the Smurfdetection will boost them soon enough where they belong for sure" Yeah… after 30, 40, 50 ruined games? Nice… *Insert the memeguy here*

Having a good new player experience is also close to impossible because of the poor system. If you start playing the game you will just get fucked. There is no guarantee at all for you to be matched with other noobs. I watched a few solo games from a friend and I just felt sorry for him. No wonder he soon lost interest in playing the game and told me, that there is no use.

You can make an anime, import cute little skins into the game, make Giant Advertisment campaigns or whatever you want valve. But your game will just keep on crumbling like this.

Even I have 4 accounts which I could use in theory. But at least their ranks are quite close to each other. But I also know friends who have lower accounts just for fun.

Make me pay 50 Euros for a special DotA with seperate Ranksystem in addition with some nice hats or something like that. I would glady pay it. Fuck it, I would even pay 200. Eat my money but please safe the game I love so much.
I'm close to giving up after thousands of hours, Im sorry.


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