its cancerous to the game. dont kid yourself, IT IS AT PAR WITH THE CHEATERS ON LABS AND THE DAMN GL40. what was the point of having thermals/IR in this game? why would bsg be boasting about banning cheaters in this game when they themselves have given a cheat option in their own game? and yes its a cheat, if i can see you from a far within a concealed location, without you know of my existance, then yes its a cheat. i've used it yes and it dominates on maps like woods, thats why i call it a cheat. "bla bla bla, if you dont want/like it, dont use it…". yes but others do, and they will do nothing else but run thermals in every map. when you wonna do quests, you will always find a try hard with m1a + m61 using thermals. for example, me and my friend in a bush, waiting for the scavs to spawn for him to do the shotgun quest on woods. bang, both of us got head shot. we where in dense bushes yet they still glimpse the tops of our heads. if there where no thermals, we wouldnt be seen and game would go on. whats the point of having cammo and bushes "that we can hide inside" if there are game features that throw that aaaaall down the gutter?


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