—Event over—

We are going to be running 2 more gearsets as PMC BOSSES. This time we are switching it up a bit, the primary boss will have all the gear/location posted here, the secondary boss will not, we hope this mixes things up a bit!

See last two times we did this here:

Gearsets can be found here:

As before we will be running Shoreline and approaching the village, we will stay in the area of the village until the raid reaches 30m remaining, at which point we will finish up any current combat that is happening and head to extract. We will not run from the village if hurt unless we have not been engaged for 5 minutes and less than 30 minutes is left in raid.

All raids in NEW YORK SERVER

Raid List:

Raid 1: Completed nothing but raiders.

Raid 2: Both Bosses down to PMCs in village.

Getting off for tonight since it is almost 2AM, aiming to do another one tomorrow!

Stream is here:

Bosses Killed: 2

PMCS Killed: 0

STATUS: In raid 1 boss dead

—Event over—


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