Position 4 legion.

Mod Skin Dota 2

I want to make this a thing. Basically all legions abilities work as a support as well as a carry.

Her Q gives the team move speed increases and good damage

W is a dispel, a good heal, and with shard it gives a bkb effect.

Her ult is a 5 second stun to take one hero out of the fight.

Her only skill that doesn't work in a support sense is her passive, so we largely ignore that.

Start the game going for a fast soul ring (nothing new), but you also have mana issues, so go for mana boots.

From there go for blink, glimmer, shard (ASAP for shard), and play as a tanky sort of support that heals (like tree ent) Use duel as a disable and a way to secure kills for your carry, and if you get enough damage, then you can play a carry role too. Just don't duel like an idiot.

Spend a lot of the game roaming for kills, get slight advantages early and try and snowball from there.

In lane you can save your off laner thanks to your heal having that dispel effect, so they don't get locked into stuns.

I want to make this work, am I crazy?

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/DotA2/comments/qfp9d9/position_4_legion/

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