Post-burnout anti-grind/not-meta strategies

Hi cmdrs,

I’ve responded to a few newer players on the usual “what do I do” post (please, check the daily sticky and search before posting, you’ll learn more and have better conversations.)

What I usually say is take it at your own pace, keep your eye on money, and learn how to make some, but take care to explore all you can and above all have fun rather then trapping yourself in a grind. Often with some warning about how falling to the grind side almost ruined me for this game.

Seems a common experience. So I had the thought to start a thread where we could all list our… recovery programs, the things we’re doing now that both progress the game and have fun at the same time, all while gradually accumulating mats and credits.

I’d like our discussion to be useful to old players and new, and please, spare the salt, I’m low-sodium. My own strategies in comments. Please start one thread per topic and please look through the answers before adding your own.


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