Post your PMC’s FINAL STATS here! [Patch 11.7]

The point of this thread is purely to compare & analyse individual stats between players & play-styles for patch 11.7.

By all means, make your own conclusions/analyses from my stats, using the contextual information provided below (and in comparison to yours).

Please, don't by shy, this is meant to be fun/interesting – providing a huge amount of insight into the the varying play-styles & what benefits they might favour, based on stats.


Just post your total stats before everything wipes & add a brief description (for context) on anything (your playstyle /map habits/Flea Market addiction/etc..) that might've affected your stats in significant ways.


  • I just played this wipe completely normally this time, ignored labs for the first half, until Battleye was released, then I played labs a lot, for the 2nd half of my raid count.
  • I played between 30-50% of all my raids solo, this included Shoreline/Interchange loot runs, and the only time I ever went in as a hatchling was after dying 5 times in a row to do some silly quest, so I hatchet-ran it, and did it first time (typical ey?)
  • The last 30-40% of my raids was purely looking for PvP, going fully geared pretty much every raid. and I did not spend any time playing the Flea Market apart from occasional selling of individual items from time to time (really quite rare, most of my gear was sold to the Traders..I'm old school like that).
  • I'm not the best aim, but I'm not terrible either, most my time is usually spent playing RTS games like the Total War series…never been a CSGO fan..I'm really more interested in the tactical aspect of squad play in Tarkov, this is where I personally excel in (making up for my potato aim sometimes), as I like to get into the mind of my enemies and anticipate their moves (like a true strategist, I guess).

Anyways, please see my stats below & consider adding yours for comparison – thanks!

My Stats

Skills will follow (all skill levels this patch were gained through normal play – the only one maxed was Perception Level).


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