Probably a unpopular opinion but, I hate Factory and any quest involving it.

Really don't think it fits with the game, all it is is a spawn kill fest and not anywhere near the play style of the rest of the game. It has little to no loot, It's small and compact. The spawn points are just a mess, I would argue some are as bad or worse then big red side on customs. My soul leaves my body every time I have to go there. It's just a mindless rush of spawns or if your lucky you make offices for no one to show up till player scavs start to spawn in.

God forbid you get the miss fortune of having to face a 5 man in factory as it you against all of them. No one to help third party and nowhere to go but back to the lobby either by death or just wasting your time to extract.

Insurance is just a waste as all the kit you have on you will be picked clean as everyone and their dog knows where to look for body's.

Got a kill quest? Half the players just died on spawn being rushed by tagged and cursed scavs because they only brought a pistol, another died trying to leave his spawn, so your stuck with either a rat that's not going to move till he has to for a plant quest or hes sat holding a corner. OR it's a jiggle peaking geared man slinging 60 rounds of meta ammo out of his laser rifle to kill one person with a million dollars worth of kit on for you to contend with.

My thoughts are the map needs to be much larger maybe to the scale of Labs with more spawn locations and maybe more players, better options for extraction not just three doors. Some more loot and just overall variety to the map, instead of the feeling of being stuck in a tin can with 5 other players. We could have a scav boss or locked loot rooms to contest and fight over, instead of the one hallway with one safe and two sets of stair we have now. Some of the quests could be spread out more. I want to play Tarkov not COD pls.

Or Jagers quests could not just be soul sucking Bullshit I dunno.



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