Quest 2 + E:D + Keyboard & Hand Tracking would be ground breaking.

I really think Frontier is sitting on a ground breaker in VR and PC gaming. Quest 2 has keyboard and hand tracking… Imagine if you had your keyboard in game, and hand tracking, you would just need to put the IRL HOTAS in a similar spot in VR and you'd be fully immersed. You could touch actual cockpit controls with your hands, grab the HOTAS and take flight, chat and issue other commands with your keyboard.

If Frontier ever develops this, it'd be game over for me. I'd spend a ridiculous amount of time in this game.

Throw in Air Link so you can walk around your cockpit (or the worlds with Odyssey should that ever get VR support). That'd be intense. Imagine having to stand up and walk back to repair a broken panel in your ship behind the commander's chair or whatever. Or having the ship lights / landing gear actual toggles you have to switch above your head so not everything is on the HOTAS / keyboard. Or actually ducking down under your seat when pirating/smuggling stuff into a port haha… The possibilities are endless.


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