The Standard Account Conundrum

I'm going to try to make this rant as short as possible because lord knows we need another lengthy rant on this subreddit. I feel like there needs to be attention brought to standard accounts however.

I myself am I broke boi gamer and I'm proud. As a result, I don't have EOD. I've also been playing the game for 2 years so I have a lot of experience and thousands of hours put into the game. I think this is important for what I'm about to say.

There is a massive problem this wipe by making the Kappa container level 71. Hear me out. Getting Kappa previously was hard enough, and a very small number of the player population was able to achieve that feat by the end of wipe for the last however so wipes. Getting Kappa is literally the only option of bring on par or greater than EOD accounts due to the fact that they start with the Gamma container. The way this was made fair in previous wipes was by making it really hard to achieve, but the change to 71 has made it outright impossible for a standard player like me. This means that 99.99% of standard players are royally fucked if they want a secure container that holds more than 8 spots. Considering the only option you have is to buy EOD now, I can't see how this isn't "pay 2 win".

EOD is expensive, and I believe it comes with A LOT of benefits outside of the secure container, and I believe these benefits are completely fair as what you obtain is also achievable by a standard account player, they just have to grind for it. The secure container is ABSOLUTELY not achievable however. I have absolutely no problem with people paying for higher rep, more storage space, etc. Sure a standard player has to put in more time for higher rep which makes the quests more bullshit, or they even have to pay tens of millions of rubles just to upgrade the damn stash, but it all makes sense when you look at the drastic price difference from EOD to standard. I believe the benefits of EOD are completely fair and warranted due to the amount of money spent.

Overall, the problem with standard accounts in my opinion, is that there is currently no way to get anything bigger than an Epsilon container without buying EOD. I think this is a terrible business model, and I can't think that the change of needing level 71 is anything more than a gimmick for more EOD sales. I really hope the Battlestate team looks into this as this is a huge oversight. Whether replacing the old Kappa with the Gamma container, or reverting the Kappa back to its original form, something has to be done.


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