Quest Rewards are currently inadequate, considering the price of the items turned in, the risk involved in undertaking the quests, as well as the difficulty in fulfilling certain quest requirements.

Take, for example, Signal Part 2:

This quest requires you to hand in several items FIR. This is a difficult feat. More importantly, the price of the items being turned in far exceeds the reward. Printed Circuit Board's can be sold for 30k roubles, and you have to turn in 3 for the quest. The reward is 50k roubles.

Take, for example, the quest "Tough Guy":

The request requires you to kill a number of Scavs in a single raid without healing. This is considerably difficult. The reward is 40000 roubles and a small amount of low value medicinal items. Comparatively, opening a single "hidden stash" on a map containing them can give the player character items worth in excess of 100000 roubles, for a fraction of the effort.

Strangely, some quests have rewards far in excess of the required effort and challenge to complete them.

Take, for example, "Scout"

This quest requires minimal effort, time, and equipment and yet rewards the player with two physical bitcoins. Considering the price these items are worth, the quest is blatantly unbalanced.

The solution to this issue is to rebalance the existing quests to have rewards reflecting the difficulty involved in completing them. This could be done by offering high value items and/or simply increasing the reward in currency to compensate.

As an example, take the quest:

This quest, considering its position in progression, is likely to be undertaken by a low level player with limited access to equipment. It requires entering a particularly dangerous map, heading to multiple high traffic areas, and extracting successfully. The reward of 20,000 roubles and a TT pistol (with magazines) is inadequate.

My proposed solution would be to instead reward the player with 200,000 roubles, and 2 AK-103 assault rifles with accompanying low cost magazines and BT ammo. This is a fitting reward because the rouble count is more substantial and likely to cover the costs of the activity, and the AK-103 rifles are both useful equipment and have useful ammo more readily available to them than most other weapons available at the stage of progression of which the player undertaking the quest is likely to be at, while not being over-powered.

Love the game, please fix performance too.


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