There really should be a teammate grading system to filter out toxic players from good teammates

I think I saw something like it in pubg, I'm not too sure though because I dont play a lot of shooters. All respawn would have to do is add an option to thumbs up or thumbs down your teammates at the post game screen. People with a disproportionate amount of down thumbs would be grouped together and vice versa. That way all the TTVs that are gonna drop solo anyway are grouped together and people who want to play as a team are put with other like minded players. Idk if it's as easy as I'm making it seem but I think itd be better than nothing.

Not trying to vent too much but I just had a long string of consecutive games with toxic teammates, culminating in a match where two randos refused to pick me up because i looted MY OWN DAMN KILLS. I had 5 kills, 2 revives and i picked them up a bunch, they had one kill between the two of them and they shrieked and left me to die because I took the purple shield off the person I killed while they were healing. I probably just need to take a break from the game but i figured maybe voicing my frustration might be more productive


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