Question about how to counter SF ult with BKB, Linkens

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Hello friends i have a question.
I had a game where we had an SF snowballing very hard and was owning us. I was playing winter and due to my bad positioning he targeted my with dagger euls combo at the start of the fight. This happened like 3-4 times and I corrected my positioning and for the next 10-15minutes I kept cancelling BKB sf ulti with my ultimate and we were able to secure a strong footing ingame. My carry got farmed and we were pushing their highground. Suddenly sf bkb jumps in charging his ulti, naturally I used my ultimate on sf and linkens pops. Our carry couldn't open his bkb fast enough and we got team wiped. This happened multiple times and we couldn't do shit.
I bought a dagger and the least I could do was stay behind, dagger in after the ultimate and glimmer my carry. My carry survived for some time but since the whole team was wiped out, our carry died at the end aswell. We lost the game. Is there anything else that i could've done to counter this?


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