Rank Update Issues


I'm new to dealing with factions, but I've run in to an issue that I can't understand.

I have been doing courier and delivery missions for the Empire so I can rank up to buy a cutter. Promotions were working up to squire, but now my progress isn't updating.

I have done every Imperial navy mission I came across thinking they would trigger a promotion. I have received a total of five messages now informing me that I have been promoted to Knight rank but my rank in my pilot panel is still squire and progress is still at 100%.

I keep getting Imperial navy missions and completing them thinking that I'll rank up, but this doesn't seem to be happening, and every time I complete one I keep getting a message stating I've become a knight even though I'm still listed as a squire in the reputation tab.

Am I doing something wrong here? Is this a bug introduced by Odyssey? I am incredibly frustrated.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EliteDangerous/comments/nivccs/rank_update_issues/

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