Remove the Reserve field spawn.

I've made a similar post before, but I'm making another because it's obscene how bad the last death was; Me and my teammate spawned in on Reserve, on the field next to train station. We instantly start running toward the garages to take shelter from the 4 spawns that can see us almost instantly. Halfway through running across the field, we get shot at from the scav tower next to train station, and I died from the dome. I could also hear footsteps in garage as I died. Now you tell me, how this is fair with no cover, no delayed spawn and no waiting around to get to safety.

I've was told in the last post something along the lines of "Be more aware". When I spawn out in the open and I'm getting shot by two different teams/people, awareness has nothing to do with it.

That spawn should either be removed or moved closer to safety.

Edit: Forgot to mention that whilst it is fine 95% of the time, it still shouldn't be excused. The fact of the matter is that it isn't even remotely fair.


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