Reporting playings while reviewing overwatch

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I've been doing my daily overwatch cases and I have noticed recently that a high number of cases seem to have someone grieving other than the person reported. I feel like we should be able to report bad behaviors while reviewing overwatch.

For example I just reviewed a game where a Faceless void was reported for feeding. Void was safelane in the legend bracket. In the clips, there was a pugna following him around decreping him and taking his last hits and just making sure the void has no space to farm. Void then tps to the opposite side of the map to get away from the pugna to farm, and dies to a gank. This happend basically around each of the reported clips. The pugna was taunting with a laugh each time. It was so obvious that this void was being griefed super hard and was trying to play the game and win while pugna was happily throwing and being a dick. I get to watch this, but it feels bad that we cannot do anything about it.


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