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Welcome commander!

I didn't expect making any content for the Elite after recent incident but I feel it's gonna be fair to notify you that the case was resolved.

Today I was reached by original ticket holder of Support team who apologized for the confusion and now confirmed that it was a warning 3 days ban

at the same time – provided me actual details why did I get it. The case was a multicrewed alts (means alts into a single ship). It is considered as exploit by Frontier so now – if you ever did this or was planing to: I'm not recommending to use your other accounts like this.

I also asked if it's allowed to use alts from the same PC but not in multicrew – as example that's how I'm making most of my tests regarding Elite mechanics/fixed bugs or confirmed issues. They suggested me to not do it right now until they get confirmation from the team and get back to me.

Haven't slept much just know it has to be published as soon as possible.

Well it was fast. I kinda made a raqe quit because of the frustration/consusion of previous answers but eventually – it has been resolved.

I assume frontier support team has a lot of similar or other cases which can take a lot of time to get into every issue. I thank the original ticket creator of support team who apologized for the confusion, provided me a details regarding current case and restored my accounts. Really, thank you

The last but not the least – I'm not sure I would make it like this via solo. This case surprised me in many levels but I couldn't expect such reaction from the community.

I did share my failed experience and immediately received tons of cheering ups, comments, jokes, congratulations.. It is .. huge.

Not taking any awe – this case has to be neutral. But again such reaction was a pleasure.

Honor to my comrades who haven't left me/my issue even when I got exhausted and all this time were thinking/brainstorming how could they help to resolve this. I'll never forgive this.

Cheers to my opponents who sent regards, cheared me up and offered a help to try to resolve this.

Thanks to everyone who listened, commented, reached in direct and was just near.

I felt two "victories" I would call at the same time: the case was resolved in a good way for me *and* I was able to face a decent support from the various Elite communities – the border between gamestyles was removed – for sure it was crucial weight here for this case.

Now I gonna sleep well.

See you in the black commander

Alswulf out


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