Falcon Delacy is manufacturing a mysterious new nano meta ally, 'Rej and Anna', that they acquire from a company called Wreaken Construction and Mining. A member of The Club known only as "Finance" is known to manage much of Wreaken Construction's activities.

This nano metal alloy is currently infecting everything from starports to your ship. While neither it's existence nor it's purpose has been announced, there's little doubt that it's a new guardian nano alloy to be used against thargoid attacks. More than that I do not know at this time.

However, dear reader, since you have journeyed this far with me I'd like to leave you with a small gift. Have you ever noticed strange messages when collecting frequency mats? They will hint over and over that something is sus with the readings on an npc ship. Those sus components are manufactured by … Falcon Delacy. To be fair, that mystery is tied up in engineering mats so I wouldn't hold my breath waiting to see a resolution on the mysterious encoded mat mssgs you'll see from time to time as you collect them. But it does reinforce the notion that Falcon Delacy is a major player in ED lore.

Having said all of that I must admit, the news itself is difficult to deduce any meaning from. My heart says a lot of things, but my head says new ED content has been and will continue to be little more than rumors.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EliteDangerous/comments/p63lbc/rival_corporations_compete_in_ltt_198_want_to/

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