Ship destroyed by ambush, mission fail, all lost, is this normal?

I was on a mission to an ''abandoned settlement'' to restore power and fetch something.

I landed on the landing pad, went searching for the power center, when suddenly I got a message that my ship was destroyed, so I went out and there were a couple of bandits outside – they destroyed my ship with assault rifles???

Now what, on foot without a ship? I found on reddit a tip to relog to Horizons to spawn in a ship and then go back to Odyssey, which worked.

But I lost all cargo. Just today I went to Hutton and got myself 32 of those mugs! All gone.

Went back and got killed while fighting the bandits. I had another mission, from another planet COMPLETED. When I died it got status failed. Why?

Is this a bug or something? Why are foot soldiers able destroy a space ship? Why do completely unrelated missions fail when you die?

Sorry for the rant, but this is VERY frustrating.


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