Shotgun users, insight?

Okay, so, everyone knows that in Tarkov, you can load Flechette (spices) or AP-20 (meat tenderizer) in the S-12. The Flechette has spread with slightly lower pen than the AP-20, which means the Flechette is better for close-range purposes, and the slug is better for long-range. Each round contains bits of shrapnel which each do 31 pen, 25 damage, and there's tons of shrapnel in it, so you can absolutely grind people up at close range, but the AP-20 has 37 pen and 164 damage, but as it's only one slug, it's not so great for the expected spray-and-pray close-range tactic that avid S-12 users find themselves doing. But, what I'm getting at is, would it be effective to load in maybe 1 Flechette and 1 AP-20? Or maybe 2 Flechette and 1 AP-20? This would save greatly on ammo cost and I feel it'd diversify the typical "drum-mag Flechette S-12" build to include things like effective accuracy at 80+ meters


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